Potty Training Extravaganza

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During the week of May 5-9th, we will be working extra hard on Potty Training. We are asking all children and parents to participate in this event. In order to be successful we are going to need your help at home as well. Routine, consistency and encouragement are essential in potty training.  During this time we will not be using pull- ups or diapers and are asking that your bring the following items  so we can get our children on the road to potty training.

Every day each child will need to bring a minimum of 3 pairs of pants or shorts, 3 pairs of underwear, 3 shirts, 3 pairs of socks, and a pair of shoes and crocks.

*if your child is napping here please bring 2 crib sheets and 2 blankets.

We will have a potty training schedule all day long to ensure they are getting the concept of potty training. Thank you for helping us to get started with potty training. It is a big milestone in a toddler’s life.


Thank you Ms. Diane

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