Caughlin Club Kidz

Special Programs

Healthy Way to Grow

We have great news to share! As part of the Healthy Way to Grow program, we will be working with the American Heart Association and Nemours to make our center a healthier environment for your children. Through Healthy Way to Grow, we will create a center wellness policy to help us serve more nutritious meals and snacks, ensure children have plenty of time for physical activity, limit TV/screen time and support healthy infant feeding practices. We will also partner with families and provide opportunities for you to learn more about the program and how you can help.

Thank you for your support and helping us give your children the best opportunity to grow up healthy! For more information on Healthy Way to Grow, please visit

Healthy Way to Grow

Nevada Silver State Stars QRIS

Currently Caughlin Club Kidz is one of the few Preschools in Reno currently undergoing the process to become Nevada Silver State Stars QRIS accredited. We are excited about this program and improving daily as we work towards a high level accredidation.

What is QRIS?

  • A QRIS defines “quality child care” and creates stronger learning environments for children using standardized, research based criteria.
  • A QRIS provides a roadmap and support to improve the quality of early care and education services.
  • Through the QRIS, early childhood programs are assessed and given a number of “stars” to indicate what level of quality has been reached.
  • QRIS standards include quality indicators that expand on licensing requirements in the areas of: program policies and procedures; administration and staff development; health and safety; and family and community partners.

Advantage of QRIS

  • Recognizes a program’s strengths while helping them develop a plan for improvement.
  • Provides access to resources (technical assistance, coaching, training, and financial incentives) that help child care programs improve and sustain higher quality.
  • Informs parents regarding child care choices and become better consumers.
  • Brings community awareness to the critical role that the early years play in preparing children for school and for life.

To learn more about this unique accreditation and our current status log onto